S1 E16 ∙ Lawrence ∙

Lucy and Harry contend with making a home office, boasting a mountain of wires and cables, look good. As well as being smart and homely, it also has to house two tortoises.

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S1 E1 · Flinters

Lucy Alexander and Harry Hoffen combine the kitchen and dining room of a Victorian house.

S1 E2 · Bishops

Lucy and Harry set out to create an ambitious country-style kitchen.

S1 E3 · Patterson

Lucy and Harry help a couple in Bristol who want to transform their kitchen.

S1 E5 · Stouts

Lucy and Harry help a couple create a bright modern kitchen diner.

S1 E6 · Dowling

Lucy and Harry help a couple demolish their new home's massive wraparound conservatory.

S1 E7 · Hemings

Lucy and Harry give a house in Bristol a 1930s-style sitting room and sumptuous bedroom.

S1 E9 · Jones

Lucy and Harry try to help Liz and Sam, whose ground floor requires major remodelling.

S1 E10 · Yiannadji

Mary and Andy Yiannadji are desperate to make their new house feel like a home.

S1 E12 · Murphy

Lucy and Harry help Craig, whose bedroom is a dated disaster with peeling wallpaper.

S1 E13 · Caunts

Lucy and Harry head to the home a couple who want a classic Shaker-style kitchen.

S1 E14 · Richards

Not many homes boast a faux medieval archway, but Tracy's does - and she wants to keep it.

S1 E15 · Talarico

Paul and Gemma want to create a purpose-built space for their cats in their home.

S1 E17 · Hodge

Gill wants a beautiful bespoke kitchen with the mother of all kitchen islands.

S1 E18 · Vandoorn

Lucy and Harry try to help cab driver Ian and his wife Jackie get the high-end look for less.

S1 E20 · Naudo

Lucy and Harry help Paul and Margaret, whose kitchen is overused and underloved.