S3 E2 ∙

A serial killer is found to be targeting women members of a dating agency, so Alex goes undercover - but it becomes clear Shaz more closely matches the profile of previous victims.


Contains Strong Language, Mature Themes and Violence

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S3 E1

Alex returns to the 1980s, where the team is in disarray.

S3 E2

A serial killer targets women members of a dating agency.

S3 E3

A serial arsonist targets sites related to the 1983 general election.

S3 E4

Gene jeopardises a covert operation into a drug cartel.

S3 E5

Gene distrusts two former colleagues claiming to have travelled from Manchester.

S3 E6

Viv is captured during a prison riot and taken hostage by the criminal leading the revolt.

S3 E7

A body's found in an illegal drinking den and Gene decides a girl is guilty of the murder.

S3 E8

Alex pursues her investigation to the bitter end and learns the truth about Gene Hunt.