S3 E2 ∙

A graveyard shift turns chaotic when the paramedics are forced to spring into immediate action after a five-patient stabbing occurs in Brisbane's north.


Contains Mature Themes

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S3 E1

Paramedics help a young girl who calls in after her grandfather has a fall.

S3 E2

A five-patient stabbing occurs in Brisbane's north.

S3 E3

The team face the realities of life between birth and death.

S3 E4

A paramedic must turn the side of the road into an operating theatre.

S3 E5

A woman stranded on a remote walking track must rely on the help of Emergency Services.

S3 E6

A frantic bystander calls emergency services after witnessing a serious motor vehicle accident.

S3 E7

Paramedics are called to extricate a man at a train station.

S3 E8

A fast-acting neighbour responds to panicked calls for help.