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S1 E1

Alex starts her training as a fertility assistant at King's Fertility, London.

S1 E2

Alex witnesses the emotional turmoil and resilience of the patients undergoing IVF.

S1 E3

Alex is finally able to work independently on the early pregnancy scan list.

S1 E4

Alex spends her first shift in Andrology learning about how they analyse and store sperm.

S1 E5

Alex meets two couples desperately trying to start their families.

S1 E6

Alex learns about the hormone injections that patients take to prepare for IVF.

S1 E7

Alex is hit hard by the struggles of patients going through IVF.

S1 E8

Alex meets Holly who has a rare split womb and is attempting her sixth round of IVF.

S1 E9

Alex meets two couples desperately trying to defy the odds and become parents.

S1 E10

Alex comes to the end of her training at Kings and three couples await their results.