S3 E1 ∙ Circus ∙

Brian is being forced to perform in a travelling circus, run by the sadistic Feffenhoffer (Steve Coogan). Barbara and Steg set out to rescue him while Herman accidentally traps a fairy.


Contains Strong Language

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S3 E1 · Circus

Brian has been captured and forced to perform in a sinister circus. Steve Coogan guests.

S3 E2 · Chef

Barbara finds herself in charge of the Munty Pet show, which Howell is attempting to fix.

S3 E3 · Popcorn

Brian introduces popcorn to Munty and Howell concocts a truth potion with disastrous results.

S3 E4 · Barrel

Herman relaunches the pub, but when Brian collects the wrong barrel there's trouble for the gang.

S3 E5 · Book

Brian has the amulet that can get him home, but can't make it work.

S3 E6 · Amulet

Brian joins the Munty Reserve forces while Barbara and Steg find their own groups to enlist with.