S2 E8 ∙ All White Now ∙

Yianni works on a white wrap for a Mercedes SL that has already been customised, giving it a fresh 21st-century metallic paint finish.

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S2 E1 · True Colours

Ex-heavyweight boxer David Haye wants to give his Rolls Wraith a two-tone colour scheme.

S2 E6 · Bug Love

A 16-year-old A-Level student asks Yianni to create a new colour scheme on her VW Beetle.

S2 E7 · Inside Out

Yianni Charalambous works on a chrome-red wrap for a luxury 4x4 for a 17-year-old.

S2 E10 · Dent Life

Yianni works on Aston Merrygold's Range Rover, but damage to a door causes problems.