S5 E5 ∙

Challenging each other to discern fact from fiction here are Greg Davies, Konnie Huq, Phil Tufnell and Marcus Brigstocke. With regulars Rob Brydon, David Mitchell and Lee Mack.


Contains Mature Themes

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S5 E1

With guests Rebecca Front, Jack Whitehall, Nick Hewer and Miranda Hart.

S5 E2

Robert Webb, Sir Terry Wogan, Katy Wix and Kevin Bridges join the regulars.

S5 E3

David O'Doherty, Katherine Parkinson, Bill Turnbull and Louie Spence join the regulars.

S5 E4

Gregg Wallace, Nigel Havers, Charlie Brooker and Nina Wadia join the regulars.

S5 E5

Greg Davies, Konnie Huq, Phil Tufnell and Marcus Brigstocke join the regulars.

S5 E6

Frank Skinner, Bill Oddie, Jon Richardson and Sarah Millican join the regulars.

S5 E7

Mackenzie Crook, Chris Packham, Victoria Coren and Rhod Gilbert join the regulars.

S5 E8

Lorraine Kelly, Dara O Briain, Barry Cryer and Sue Perkins join the regulars.