S2 E10 ∙

PC Helen France is on the hunt for a dangerous suspect, recruit Charlotte Wood handles her first ever arrest and Chief Constable Lisa Winward has to deal with a sudden death.

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S2 E1

PC Pauline Law leads a drugs raid.

S2 E2

PC Ellie Cooke is battling to become the first female member of the off-road bike team.

S2 E3

Road Policing Officer Emma Bainbridge pursues a pack of hounds loose on a major road.

S2 E4

Police Community Support Officers Lucy Burgoyne and Olivia Freeman respond to reports of a man in the river.

S2 E5

PC Pauline Law tackles shoplifters while waiting to hear if she can serve beyond her 60th.

S2 E6

PC Helen France is at the centre of an armed response.

S2 E7

PC Emaleigh Simeson gets a Code Zero radio call - a colleague is in immediate danger.

S2 E8

PCs Emma Bainbridge and Hannah Lamb search for an injured passenger after a run-in with a drunk driver.

S2 E9

PC Rita Pugal hunts for three violent robbers.

S2 E10

PC Helen France is on the hunt for a dangerous suspect.