S3 E6 ∙

Hamish enjoys being back the island, while Abby can't bring herself to loan Kenny the money he needs to return to London. Later, a search-and-rescue mission leads to a tragic discovery.


Contains Mature Themes

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S3 E1

Abby refuses to speak to her ex-boyfriend Robbie.

S3 E2

Robbie arrives at the island to a hostile reception.

S3 E3

A furious Abby convinces Robbie to leave the island, but Kenny intervenes.

S3 E4

The islanders throw a beach party for Mary.

S3 E5

Kenny decides that it is time to move on.

S3 E6

Hamish enjoys being back the island.

S3 E7

As friends gather to bid farewell to Kenny, Alfie has trouble dealing with his death.

S3 E8

Douglas sees an opportunity to unite the community and reclaim their island.