S2 E4 ∙

Malcolm struggles with his next move after Ida's sudden departure, and a mysterious stranger arrives on the island. Carolyn drops a bombshell, leaving Abby distraught.

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S2 E1

A love-struck Kenny struggles to cope with the fact that Abby is in a relationship.

S2 E2

Abby attempts to boost business for the B&B.

S2 E3

Heather finds herself in trouble and turns to Kenny for help.

S2 E4

Carolyn drops a bombshell.

S2 E5

Kenny helps Abby get over her break-up with Alistair.

S2 E6

The islanders gather to say a final goodbye to Murdo.

S2 E7

The islanders are hit by a fierce storm.

S2 E8

The Northern Lights make an appearance, much to the delight of the islanders.