S3 E12 ∙ Business & Pleasure ∙

Domestic sitcom. Laura pressures Charlie to take advantage of his new golf partner to help Caroline's business.

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S3 E1 · Bedtime Story

Domestic role-reversal sitcom. A television show discovers Charlie and Caroline in a compromising position.

S3 E2 · First Date

Domestic sitcom. Laura persuades Charlie to ask Caroline out on a real date.

S3 E5 · Neighbours

Sitcom. Charlie and Caroline soon regret the warm welcome they extend to their neighbours.

S3 E6 · Old Flames

Sitcom. A visitor from Caroline's past is attached to her in more ways than one.

S3 E7 · Wheels

Domestic sitcom. Charlie is overwhelmed by Caroline's birthday present.

S3 E9 · The Whiz Kid

Domestic sitcom. Charlie is jealous of the time that Caroline is spending with her new creative director.

S3 E10 · Family Ties

Domestic sitcom. Charlie is suspicious of his father-in-law's motives when he turns up out of the blue.

S3 E11 · The Proposal

Domestic sitcom. Caroline looks to Charlie for advice when her accountant pops the question.

S3 E13 · Pillow Talk

Domestic sitcom. Caroline finally reveals her true feelings for Charlie... in her sleep.