S2 E10 ∙ Trial and Punishment ∙

The Musketeers risk all to save France from Rochefort, Porthos works to lure the Spanish spymaster to Paris, and Athos and d'Artagnan try to rescue Constance.

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S2 E2 · An Ordinary Man

King Louis' demand to experience the life of his carefree subjects goes wrong when he is kidnapped.

S2 E3 · The Good Traitor

The Musketeers get tangled in a complex web of political trades due to an offer from a Spanish general.

S2 E4 · Emilie

The Musketeers investigate a woman claiming to have visions from God that instruct her to lead a war.

S2 E5 · The Return

The Musketeers do battle against a land-hungry nobleman to protect helpless people abandoned by Athos.

S2 E9 · The Accused

The Musketeers must put their lives on the line when the queen is accused of treason.