S5 E10 ∙ Herts ∙

More dust-ups over lock-ups in the hit reality show. Auctioneer Sean Kelly has seen it all before, but even he's driven mad by Heavy D. Linda shows her spiritual side.

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S5 E1 · Cambridge

Up for grabs this week are enough weapons to start and finish a small war!

S5 E3 · Somerset

In Somerset, the gang attempt to win a Velcro bouncy castle and an airboat.

S5 E4 · Caxton

Heavy D risks having his fingers burned for the chance of a score. Sam turns on the charm.

S5 E5 · Leeds

A new pair of bidders are in town and they aren't afraid to throw their weight around.

S5 E6 · Ipswich

Nat, Linda, Boudicca and Ione may have to team up to get one over on Heavy D.

S5 E7 · Kent

Some quality goods are up for grabs in Broadstairs, including a double car lot.

S5 E8 · Preston

The lots up for grabs in Preston include something literally off the back of a truck.

S5 E9 · Bucks

New bidder Raj proves to be more than a match for the regulars in Buckinghamshire.

S5 E10 · Herts

The auctioneers are in Royston. Heavy D drives everyone round the bend, including Sean.