S3 E7 ∙ Nottingham ∙

It's all kicking off in the fiery reality series brimming with big characters and sky-high bids. On a farm in Notts, Heavy D and Barry clash. Linda is stitched up.

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S3 E1 · Newcastle

Feisty new girl Ione almost comes to blows with Shaun in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

S3 E2 · Northampton

Ione goes head to head with Sam. Jonny and Steve help Linda work out her profits.

S3 E3 · Southampton

There's an unwelcome visitor to the auctions in Southampton. Heavy D aims to impress Ione.

S3 E4 · Lewes

It's a very hot day in Lewes, as Scotty smashes one of his auction prizes to smithereens.

S3 E5 · Oxfordshire

Heavy D lets a fortune slip through his fingers and a mystery bin sparks a bidding war.

S3 E8 · Essex

Linda tries to befriend Ione, which turns out to be a big mistake. Nat walks out on John.

S3 E9 · Alton

In Hampshire, Linda is worried the bidders are taking advantage of her superior knowledge.

S3 E10 · Poplar

In east London, Heavy D goes through his blue period after driving the other bidders mad.