S2 E9 ∙ Drugs ∙

Keeley Hawes stars in the tense drama series about the British Security Service. MI5 come up against oil corruption and the Chala Cartel, Colombia's biggest drug traffickers.


Contains Sexual Themes and Violence

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S2 E1 · Bosnian

A Bosnian war criminal flies into Britain after an attack on a British army base.

S2 E2 · Mosque

An undercover agent discovers that a Birmingham mosque is training suicide bombers.

S2 E4 · Bank

When a billion dollars is stolen from a London trading bank, Danny goes undercover.

S2 E6 · President

An unscheduled visit by the US President forces MI5 to work with the CIA.

S2 E7 · Briefcase

The French ask MI5 to help them catch an arms expert who is selling fighter technology.

S2 E8 · Unions

MI5 is monitoring trade union militancy which threatens disruption in the public sector.

S2 E9 · Drugs

MI5 come up against oil corruption and Colombia's biggest drug traffickers.

S2 E10 · Christine

Danny and Zoe are forced to spy on Tom as a US assassin is dispatched to Britain.