S2 E6 ∙ President ∙

Second series of the compelling espionage drama. When MI5 are forced to work with the CIA and the White House security team, the 'special relationship' becomes a tad strained.


Contains Mature Themes

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S2 E1 · Bosnian

A Bosnian war criminal flies into Britain after an attack on a British army base.

S2 E2 · Mosque

An undercover agent discovers that a Birmingham mosque is training suicide bombers.

S2 E4 · Bank

When a billion dollars is stolen from a London trading bank, Danny goes undercover.

S2 E6 · President

An unscheduled visit by the US President forces MI5 to work with the CIA.

S2 E7 · Briefcase

The French ask MI5 to help them catch an arms expert who is selling fighter technology.

S2 E8 · Unions

MI5 is monitoring trade union militancy which threatens disruption in the public sector.

S2 E9 · Drugs

MI5 come up against oil corruption and Colombia's biggest drug traffickers.

S2 E10 · Christine

Danny and Zoe are forced to spy on Tom as a US assassin is dispatched to Britain.