S8 E1 ∙ Back in the Red Pt 1 ∙

Cosmic laughs in the interstellar sitcom with Craig Charles, who's since propped up The Rovers Return. The nanobots recreate Red Dwarf and bring back the crew.

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S8 E4 · Cassandra

Lister inadvertently joins a battle-hardened convict army who go on suicide missions.

S8 E5 · Krytie TV

Lister's guitar is found among Starbug's debris and delivered to his cell.

S8 E6 · Pete - Part 1

Rimmer and Lister spike the guards' drinks with a virility drug during a basketball game.

S8 E8 · Only the Good

Kryten decides to get his revenge on Lister, while Rimmer crosses into a mirror universe.