S18 E1 ∙ Rude ∙

Sandi Toksvig politely requests your company for a rather rude episode with Alan Davies, John Barrowman, Aisling Bea and Phill Jupitus.


Contains Strong Language and Sexual Themes

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S18 E1 · Rude

A rather rude episode with Sandi Toksvig, Alan Davies, John Barrowman, Aisling Bea and Phill Jupitus.

S18 E2 · Ruff & Reddy

Sandi Toksvig looks at ruffs and red things with Alan Davies, Tom Allen, Susan Calman and Zoe Lyons.

S18 E3 · Road & Rail

A road and rail-themed episode with Sandi Toksvig, Alan Davies, Aisling Bea, Cally Beaton and Holly Walsh.

S18 E4 · Restaurants

Join Sandi Toksvig in the QI restaurant with Alan Davies, Phill Jupitus, Sara Pascoe and Mark Watson.

S18 E5 · Rubbish

Sandi Toksvig talks rubbish with Alan Davies, Bridget Christie, Johnny Vegas and Holly Walsh.

S18 E6 · Ridiculous

Sandi Toksvig hosts a ridiculous episode with Alan Davies, Maisie Adam, David Mitchell and Holly Walsh.

S18 E7 · Revolutions

Sandi examines some revolutionary ideas with Alan Davies, Gyles Brandreth, Susan Calman and Jessica Fostekew.

S18 E8 · Reflections

Sandi Toksvig reflects on reflections with Alan Davies, Zoe Lyons, Joe Lycett and Liza Tarbuck.

S18 E11 · Roaming

Sandi Toksvig goes roaming with Alan Davies, Sara Pascoe, Josh Widdicombe and Benjamin Zephaniah.

S18 E13 · Rogue

Sandi Toksvig goes rogue with Bill Bailey, Jack Carroll, Olga Koch and Alan Davies.

S18 E14 · Random

Sandi is joined by Bill Bailey, Daliso Chaponda, Sally Phillips and Alan Davies for some random information.

S18 E15 · Rock 'n' Roll

Sandi talks about rocks, rolls and rock 'n' roll with Bill Bailey, Katy Brand, Eshaan Akbar and Alan Davies.

S18 E16 · R Animals

Sandi discusses animals which start with an R with Tom Allen, Ed Gamble, Maggie Aderin-Pocock and Alan Davies.