S2 E2 ∙

Liam prepares to front a televised Southern Jets leadership press conference with an injury that can't be disguised. Kath makes a bid for club presidency.


Contains Strong Language

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S2 E1

Paige returns home from London to find that a lot has changed.

S2 E2

Kath makes a bid for club presidency.

S2 E3

As the new club president, Kath feels the pressure to prove she has what it takes.

S2 E4

The Southern Jets find themselves in disarray despite a strong start.

S2 E5

The women are shocked to discover Liam's secret.

S2 E6

Despite a career-ending injury, Jessie campaigns harder for the women's team.

S2 E7

Tahlia and Kath work together to take Liam down in public once and for all.

S2 E8

In one climactic night, everything changes for the men and women of the Southern Jets Football Club.