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Acclaimed documentary series from Liverpool Women's Hospital. Louise is having her first child at 45, but has gone through a heart-breaking split with the baby's father.


Contains Mature Themes

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S10 E1

Jodie's pregnancy came after a fling with Stephen, who is with her during a long labour.

S10 E2

After a six-year struggle to conceive, Louise and Andy are about to meet their baby.

S10 E3

Mum-to-be Christians and her husband Karolis have moved to Liverpool to begin family life.

S10 E4

Louise is having her first child at 45, but has split with the baby's father.

S10 E5

After their last daughter was stillborn, Sam and Tony felt nervous about trying again.

S10 E6

Being unable to control her labour heightens 24-year-old first-time mum Natasha's anxiety.

S10 E7

Jen suffers from Crohn's disease and thought she'd never be a mother.

S10 E8

Sarah and Stephen had the shock of their lives after finding out they're expecting twins.

S10 E10

Jody and Chris are anticipating the birth of their first child.

S10 E11

Kiefer wants to be the ultimate birthing partner for girlfriend Sophie.