S2 E3 ∙

Matron Steph trials a system to see patients quicker in ED, Renee supports a young woman with anorexia, and Rhona cares for Raymond, a patient with suspected sepsis.


Contains Mature Themes

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S2 E1

79-year-old Gordon has suffered a sudden loss of consciousness at home.

S2 E2

Matron Hazera responds to an emergency and battles to find enough staff.

S2 E3

Renee supports a young woman with anorexia.

S2 E4

Caroline treats stroke patient Maureen.

S2 E5

Matron Steph and James treat some very sick patients on the busiest shift Steph has seen.

S2 E6

It's Halloween and Matron Hazera is having a staffing nightmare.

S2 E7

Amy deals with a serious emergency during a birth.

S2 E8

Three young newly-qualified nurses cope with the pressures of working for the NHS.

S2 E9

Caroline treats a father of four with severe pancreatitis.

S2 E10

James and Matron Steph have an influx of admissions in the emergency department.