S5 E3 ∙ Camping ∙

Rapid-fire sitcom. Desperately hoping to come across as a manly man, Lee joins the gang on a camping weekend. How will he fare sleeping in a dark, scary forest?


Contains Mature Themes

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S5 E1 · Band

When Tim joins a band at work and Lucy falls for the lead guitarist, Lee becomes jealous.

S5 E2 · Dads

Lee's lazy weekend is wrecked when his scrounging father turns up unexpectedly.

S5 E3 · Camping

In a bid to prove his manliness, Lee joins Tim, Daisy and Lucy on a camping weekend.

S5 E4 · Running

Lee trains for a fun run to impress Lucy, but is quickly injured.

S5 E5 · Examination

Lucy finds herself working on an initiative encouraging men to check themselves for lumps.

S5 E6 · Drunk

Lucy and Lee try to prove that you can remember what happens when you are drunk.