S3 E5 ∙ Neighbour ∙

Lee Mack and Tim Vine star in the witty slacker sitcom. Lucy brands Lee and Tim cowards when they refuse to go upstairs and confront a neighbour about the noise.


Contains Sexual Themes

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S3 E1 · Pregnant

When Lucy announces that she is pregnant, Lee wonders if the father might have been him.

S3 E2 · Winner

Lee is insufferably smug when he wins a thousand pounds in a writing competition.

S3 E3 · Amy

Lee and Tim are excited by the appearance of a lesbian couple in their building.

S3 E4 · Party

Lee and Tim organise a birthday party for Lucy, but she arrives with another man in tow.

S3 E5 · Neighbour

Lee and Tim both take drastic action when Lucy accuses them of cowardice.

S3 E6 · Speech

Lee and Tim go head-to-head as they attempt to impress Lucy by writing her speech for her.

S3 E7 · Marriage

Lee is horrified when he hears that Lucy is considering marriage to Pavlov.