S2 E6 ∙ Dating ∙

Witty slacker sitcom starring Lee Mack. Lee tries speed dating, while Tim goes on a disastrous date with Barbara to prove that he sees her as more than 'the help'.


Contains Sexual Themes

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S2 E1 · Mortgage

Tim decides to sell the flat, so Lee sets to work putting off prospective buyers.

S2 E2 · Gay

Tim is worried that he isn't manly enough. Lee is persuaded by Lucy to pretend to be gay.

S2 E3 · Librarian

Lee's distrust of Guy is fuelled by the discovery that he runs a lap-dancing club.

S2 E4 · Baby

Lucy is worried about the age gap between her and Guy.

S2 E5 · Art

Lee shows off his 'knowledge' of the art world in an effort to appear intellectual.

S2 E6 · Dating

Lee starts to ponder his lack of a girlfriend and tries speed dating.

S2 E7 · Gangster

Guy showers Lucy with expensive gifts and whisks her away for a weekend.