S12 E6 ∙ Tent ∙

Lee organises a family camping trip in an attempt to bring the generations together, but he's forgotten to check the weather, and Lucy is about to make a disturbing discovery...


Contains Mature Themes

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S12 E1 · Painting

Wendy rediscovers her love of painting and gifts Lee and Lucy a portrait of Frank... do they want it, though?

S12 E2 · Text

When Lee accidentally sends a rude text about Anna to Lucy, he makes the stupid mistake of sending it to Anna.

S12 E3 · Friend

Lee promises Lucy that he will make more of an effort to be friendly with other parents in the playground.

S12 E4 · Front Window

Confined to a wheelchair after knee surgery, Lee has too much time on his hands and uses it to spy on people.

S12 E5 · Jury

Lee does jury service and joins eleven other jurors to debate a case, but he ends up questioning his peers.

S12 E6 · Tent

Lee organises a family camping trip, but the weather is awful, and something terrible is lying in wait...

S12 E7 · Not Going Out

It's Christmas, but Lee is unhappy that Lucy has got tickets to see her teenage crush Jason Donovan in panto.