S10 E3 ∙ Facts of Life ∙

Lee is outraged that the twins have started sex education at school and resolves to teach them everything he knows about the facts of life before Miss Anstis corrupts them.


Contains Mature Themes and Sexual Themes

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S10 E1 · Parachute

Toby organises a sponsored parachute jump to raise money for a children's ward in his hospital.

S10 E2 · Holiday Share

Lee and Lucy's friendship with Toby and Anna is tested when they all go a long weekend break.

S10 E4 · Schooling

Geoffrey and Wendy offer to pay for Charlie to go private when his school gets a bad Ofsted rating.

S10 E5 · Memory

Lucy is not best pleased when Lee decides to watch her favourite TV programme.

S10 E6 · Whodunnit?

Unable to convince Lucy that he did not smash a family heirloom, Lee calls a meeting to flush out the culprit.

S10 E7 · Builder

Lucy takes the kids to her parents while Lee oversees building work, but his builder is somewhat casual...