S2 E2 ∙

Paul and Bob brave the wild lakes of Essex equipped with the latest tech. They discuss the true meaning of a mid-life crisis and visit a beauty clinic.

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S2 E1

Paul and Bob travel to the River Usk in Wales, where Paul's father taught him to fish.

S2 E2

Paul and Bob brave the lakes of Essex and discuss the true meaning of the midlife crisis.

S2 E3

Bob and Paul set off for The River Tay in Scotland full of hope and excitement.

S2 E4

At the Upper Tamar Lakes, Paul and Bob fish for the predatory perch.

S2 E5

Paul and Bob fly to Enniskillen to fish for the pike which eluded them in series one.

S2 E6

Paul and Bob head to the River Ure and meet the surgeon who performed Bob's heart bypass.