S1 E2 ∙

Paul and Bob fish for the mighty barbel in Hay-on-Wye - passing a graveyard, they muse about the future and chat to a local vicar about death and their own funerals.


Contains Strong Language

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S1 E1

While in Norfolk fishing for tench, Bob tries to impress Paul with his childhood fishing rod... and fails.

S1 E2

Paul and Bob fish for barbel in Hay-on-Wye, and Bob promises Paul a treat if they catch one.

S1 E3

Paul teaches Bob how to fly-fish for wild rainbow trout in the Monsal Valley in Derbyshire.

S1 E4

Paul and Bob fish on the River Wensum in search of roach, and Bob tries to help Paul recapture his youth.

S1 E5

Paul fishes at the famous Bridge Pool near Christchurch in Dorset in a bid to catch sea trout.

S1 E6

Paul and Bob decide to try and catch a legendary pike, and they also write a eulogy for each other.