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Fifth series about the young laird of a Highlands estate. Archie considers leaving the estate to run a New York restaurant while Lexie takes on Kilwillie's sister Dorothy.

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S6 E1

Lexie's unexpected return from New Zealand forces Paul to face up to his feelings for her.

S6 E2

Hector's younger brother and black sheep of the family, Donald, returns to Glenbogle.

S6 E3

It's crunch time for Lexie and Paul as they confront the consequences of their kiss.

S6 E4

A German WW2 fighter plane is discovered in the loch.

S6 E5

Paul gives an old army friend a job on the estate, with disastrous results.

S6 E6

An unkempt stranger arrives in Glenbogle, claiming not to know who he is.

S6 E7

There are poachers at large in Glenbogle and Jess has to try and catch them.

S6 E8

A clay pigeon shooting competition increases the rivalry between Paul and Chester.

S6 E9

Ewan makes an unwelcome discovery, and Paul tries to create a good impression.

S6 E10

Paul's coronation as laird is threatened by an unexpected challenge to his title.