S3 E1 ∙

Beautiful countryside and charming characters combined. Archie thinks he has finally found the answer to the Glenbogle estate's financial problems, but Stella Moon disagrees.

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S4 E1

Archie's bold new vision for Glenbogle brings him into serious conflict with Golly.

S4 E2

Archie's godmother makes an unwelcome appearance.

S4 E3

Lexie is left reeling when a face from Archie's past puts in an appearance.

S4 E4

Jamie's old friend brings problems for Archie and Lexie.

S4 E5

An escaped wolf and a campsite full of naturists pose a problem for Archie.

S4 E6

Archie and Duncan decide to mount a search for the missing Golly.

S4 E7

Drastic measures are needed to help Archie pay off Hector's death duties.

S4 E8

Lexie is rattled by a spooky apparition at Glenbogle.

S4 E9

A mysterious stranger arrives in search of his roots.

S4 E10

Fearing that Paul's revelation will hurt Molly, Archie tells Paul to go.