S2 E9 ∙ Story of My Life ∙

Masters is upset when Frank discusses his mother's personal issues at dinner, while Johnson adopts a patient's medical history as her own to get advice from a psychiatrist.


Contains Mature Themes and Sexual Themes

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S2 E1 · Parallax

Masters faces up to the ramifications of his disastrous presentation.

S2 E2 · Kyrie Eleison

Masters begins a new job, only to discover that he's being forced to leave Johnson behind.

S2 E3 · Fight

Johnson unearths details of Masters' troubled childhood.

S2 E4 · Dirty Jobs

Langham sees Masters and Johnson leaving a hotel room, and raises his suspicions with DePaul.

S2 E5 · Giants

Masters continues his work as the only white doctor in a hospital for black patients.

S2 E6 · Blackbird

Masters contacts a journalist after he's banned from using black participants.

S2 E8 · Mirror, Mirror

Masters treats a couple for infertility privately, without revealing his relationship to them.