S2 E11 ∙ One for the Money, Two for the Show ∙

A television crew begins filming the treatment of patients at the clinic, but Masters worries he isn't the right person to be featured in the production.


Contains Strong Language, Mature Themes and Sexual Themes

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S2 E1 · Parallax

Masters faces up to the ramifications of his disastrous presentation.

S2 E2 · Kyrie Eleison

Masters begins a new job, only to discover that he's being forced to leave Johnson behind.

S2 E3 · Fight

Johnson unearths details of Masters' troubled childhood.

S2 E4 · Dirty Jobs

Langham sees Masters and Johnson leaving a hotel room, and raises his suspicions with DePaul.

S2 E5 · Giants

Masters continues his work as the only white doctor in a hospital for black patients.

S2 E6 · Blackbird

Masters contacts a journalist after he's banned from using black participants.

S2 E8 · Mirror, Mirror

Masters treats a couple for infertility privately, without revealing his relationship to them.