S1 E2 ∙ Xtabai ∙

The guys scramble to find the missing yacht, but an unexpected encounter with a pair of Swedish drug dealers and a mysterious duffel bag complicates their quest.


Contains Strong Language and Mature Themes

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S1 E1 · Pilot

A group of 40-something friends gather in Belize to celebrate the early retirement of an old friend.

S1 E2 · Xtabai

The guys scramble to find the yacht, but a pair of Swedish drug dealers and a duffel bag complicate matters.

S1 E3 · Well

The guys struggle to stay on top of a local police investigation, their friend's corpse and The Cat.

S1 E4 · Flares

After a failed trip to the US Embassy, the guys hunker down in their villa overnight.

S1 E5 · Hat

The guys attempt to escape Belize with the help of an eager and go-getting US Embassy employee.

S1 E6 · Leslie

Emotions run high when the guys are trapped in an international quarantine.

S1 E7 · Ice Cream

The guys bid to recover the missing money and save Joel after being spread out and separated across Belize.

S1 E8 · Broodstock

A charismatic entrepreneur promises to bring the boys home if they complete a mysterious and risky mission.

S1 E9 · Seahorse

The guys begin a treacherous journey through the local jungle as tension sizzle between Lawrence and Aaron.

S1 E10 · Needles

All of the guys make one last attempt to escape Belize once and for all.