S3 E6 ∙

It's the day of Gillian's wedding but things don't go as planned as Caroline gets to the heart of why Gillian is avoiding her wedding day.


Contains Strong Language, Mature Themes and Sexual Themes

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S3 E1

An unexpected visitor forces Alan to think about his past.

S3 E2

Alan finally lets Celia into his secret about Gary, and is saddened by her reaction.

S3 E3

Celia rushes to Caroline's side when devastating news about Kate comes through.

S3 E4

Caroline gets help looking after baby Flora and Raff is delighted with some wedding news.

S3 E5

Greg is a natural with Flora and Alan begins to distance himself from Gary.

S3 E6

At Gillian's wedding things don't go as planned. Meanwhile, Alan begins to forgive Gary.