S2 E10 ∙

PC Patterson enters the produce contest at the annual Harvest Festival, but faces competition from an unlikely rival, and his wife takes to her bed with a mysterious illness.

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S2 E1

The residents are captivated by a beguiling, barefoot girl called Cinderella Doe.

S2 E2

A handsome new arrival causes a stir in Candleford.

S2 E3

Dorcas battles with James Dowland for a place on the parish council.

S2 E4

The death of Miss Ellison's father ignites a family feud.

S2 E5

Dorcas offers to help Emma by taking in baby Annie.

S2 E6

Dorcas is suddenly taken ill, leaving Laura to run the post office.

S2 E7

The Timmins family faces poverty when Robert's tools disappear.

S2 E8

James's life is sent into a spin by the arrival of a rich woman from London.

S2 E9

Alf's budding romance with milkmaid Nan creates tension with a neighbouring hamlet.

S2 E10

PC Patterson faces competition from an unlikely rival at the Harvest Festival.

S2 E11

A storm stirs up a series of revelations, with Dorcas uncovering a shocking secret.

S2 E12

James Dowland's son Sidney arrives in Candleford.