S2 E1 ∙

The comic holds court over real-life disputes, featuring an extra who is costing his friend acting work. Plus, famous rappers Harvey and Romeo argue over copyright to some lyrics.


Contains Strong Language

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S2 E1

Real-life disputes, including an extra who is costing his friend acting work.

S2 E2

The 'judge' is faced with mediating a dispute in his own family.

S2 E3

A fed-up claimant appears in court to stop his friend climbing on their roof.

S2 E4

A real-life superhero appears in the dock after a friend has concerns for his safety.

S2 E5

Paul Danan finally gets his day in court with Shaun Williamson.

S2 E6

A desperate father begs Judge Romesh not to let his son run off to the circus.

S2 E7

A wannabe singer drags his underperforming backing dancer into court.

S2 E8

Two warring naturist cleaners dress for court in their birthday suits.

S2 E9

A rapper has to defend himself against claims he's getting too close to his fans.

S2 E10

A colour-blind husband is in the dock for his hapless DIY efforts.

S2 E11

A spurned spouse tries to get access to his dog-obsessed wife.

S2 E12

A singer attempts to give her former band member the elbow.