S2 E3 ∙

Dr Fox is in the visitors' room for a change when his fiancee Sally has an operation to remove her wisdom teeth. Another patient has surgery to have a double hernia repaired.

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S2 E1

Four-year-old Arabella has an operation to straighten squints in both eyes.

S2 E2

A woman has an operation to repair the hernia she suffered while giving birth.

S2 E3

Dr Fox's fiancee has her wisdom teeth removed.

S2 E4

A patient has urgent surgery to repair a detached retina.

S2 E5

Lyn has an investigation of her womb after a recent biopsy revealed abnormal cells.

S2 E6

Julia has a camera investigation of her womb to find the reason for her heavy bleeding.

S2 E7

Twenty-one-year-old Ben needs his gall bladder removing as a result of losing 11 stone.

S2 E8

Carl is undergoing keyhole surgery to remove torn cartilage from his knee.

S2 E9

An eight-year-old is having an operation to straighten his squint.

S2 E10

A 15-year-old has four baby teeth that have not fallen out and need removing.