S7 E5 ∙

Jo and Ash deal with a patient whose chronic cough leaves him struggling to breathe, while Joel and Nic treat a man who's fallen from a ladder while wielding a hedge trimmer.

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S7 E1

Adam and Jenine try to help a woman who's fallen from a first-floor window.

S7 E2

Joel and Sam treat a woman who's in excruciating pain after tripping and injuring her leg.

S7 E3

Lee and Kath blue light to a man who's collapsed after playing bingo.

S7 E4

Mick and Rachel help an amateur stunt driver who has crash-landed and damaged his back.

S7 E5

Jo and Ash deal with a patient who's struggling to breathe.

S7 E6

Brother-and-sister paramedics Sam and Hannah receive a call to assist the police.

S7 E7

Stuart and Anna help a lady in pain, and V and Ollie attend to a baby with a temperature.

S7 E8

Simone and Claire are called to a pensioner who has fallen in her bedroom.

S7 E9

Stuart and Craig treat a woman who may be having an allergic reaction.

S7 E10

Sam and Joel help a man struggling to cope having found out he's been exposed to HIV.