S4 E6 ∙

Reality series following West Midlands paramedics. They treat a man whose flat was filled with toxic smoke and an 8-year-old girl whose heart rate has become erratic.

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S4 E1

Crews race to a serious motorway accident. A young woman is showing signs of sepsis.

S4 E2

An 8-year-old boy raises the alarm after his mum collapses.

S4 E3

Gaz has some words of wisdom for a worried mum whose toddler has a febrile convulsion.

S4 E4

A young man has a seizure and a police officer is involved in a car accident.

S4 E5

A young motorcyclist needs urgent treatment. A baby's high heart rate is causing concern.

S4 E6

Paramedics treat a man whose flat was filled with toxic smoke.

S4 E7

Paramedics help a patient found wearing hospital pyjamas in the street.

S4 E8

A woman has the worst nose bleed the ambulance crew have ever seen.

S4 E9

Paramedics have to act fast when they attend a patient bleeding heavily from his arm.

S4 E10

An ambulance crew rush an elderly patient with suspected sepsis to hospital.