S14 E4 ∙

In Oxford, crews help a child with signs of meningitis and take an injured cyclist to hospital. In Portsmouth, they help a man who's fallen and a patient with Crohn's Disease.

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S14 E1

Crews attend an explosion, a dislocated knee and a motorcyclist who's spun off the road.

S14 E2

Paramedics attend a man with a possible ruptured appendix.

S14 E3

Crews attend a playground head injury.

S14 E4

In Oxford, crews help a child with signs of meningitis.

S14 E5

The paramedics race to a lorry driver with a branch through his windscreen.

S14 E6

Paramedics treat a woman trapped in her car after a crash.

S14 E7

Crews attend a cycling accident and a man having a suspected stroke.

S14 E8

Paramedics cope with a reported stabbing and help a man who was run over by his own car.

S14 E9

Paramedics treat a pensioner with a head injury and a 2-year-old who's had a seizure.

S14 E10

The crews attend a man with an unexplained broken leg.