S12 E8 ∙

The medics help a man bleeding profusely, another who is in agony after falling and a woman with a cripplingly painful bowel condition.

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S12 E1

Crews struggle to reach a woman who has fallen from her horse on treacherous boggy ground.

S12 E2

Paramedics attend a father and son whose car has been hit by a falling tree.

S12 E3

Paramedics treat a site foreman having a heart attack on a building site.

S12 E4

Paramedics in Oxford race to an 8-month-old baby who needs urgent help to breathe.

S12 E5

The South Central crews help a boy who dislocated his knee during a school rugby match.

S12 E6

Crews help a family whose car has crashed into a ditch.

S12 E7

Crews treat a boy hit by a car outside school.

S12 E8

The medics help a man bleeding profusely.

S12 E9

Paramedics are called to help a family involved in a car crash on a dark street.

S12 E10

Crews require support from the fire brigade to rescue a woman stuck inside a locked house.