S11 E6 ∙

Oxford paramedics are called to a woman who sustained a broken leg and horrific facial injuries, while in Portsmouth, a 2-year-old with breathing problems needs a nebuliser.

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S11 E1

Paramedics race to a newborn baby with a worryingly low temperature.

S11 E2

Paramedics help a young boy with multiple fractures from a football tackle gone wrong.

S11 E3

The crews deal with a cycling accident and a woman having a suspected heart attack.

S11 E4

Paramedics treat a man with a mechanical heart valve and a dangerously fast pulse.

S11 E5

Paramedics treat a woman who was kicked by a horse and a baby with breathing problems.

S11 E6

Oxford paramedics help a woman who sustained a broken leg and horrific facial injuries.

S11 E7

Paramedics in Oxford treat a woman suffering from a debilitating mystery illness.

S11 E8

The crews attend a man who fell off his bike and a 4-year-old struggling with tonsillitis.

S11 E9

Worried South Central paramedics treat a pregnant woman who has fallen on her baby bump.

S11 E10

Crews attend a high-speed motorcycle crash and a woman with abdominal pain.