S10 E6 ∙

Crews from West Midlands Ambulance Service attend a diabetic who has collapsed at home, reassure the wife of a man with heart problems and keep up the spirits of a woman with womb cancer.

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S10 E1

The ambulance team treats a man who stabbed a police dog, a woman with a suspected stroke.

S10 E2

The teams help a pensioner with possible sepsis, as well as a sparky 95-year-old who's had a fall.

S10 E3

On shift with the crew who treat a boy with a fever and a pensioner with a heart problem.

S10 E4

The crews are called to a 30-year-old car that's been driven into a wall by a 90-year-old driver.

S10 E5

The West Midlands crews treat a pensioner with a very erratic heart rate.

S10 E6

The crews help a diabetic who's collapsed and keep up the spirits of a woman with cancer.

S10 E7

The paramedics treat a young mum in severe pain and take a pensioner to hospital.

S10 E8

Dudley crews attend a man with heart failure and a transgender patient in a lot of pain.

S10 E9

The crews are kept busy helping a man with a swollen leg and a fisherman having a stroke.

S10 E10

The crews attend a teenager who's had a bike crash and a man who's had a nasty fall.