S6 E9 ∙

New. Jack and Vanessa honeymoon on Malta, while Charles and Lynne find themselves drawn together.

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S6 E1

Ken Masters vows revenge.

S6 E2

Orrin reveals his plan to move to Tarrant.

S6 E3

Sir Edward returns to Tarrant.

S6 E4

Sir Edward has shocking news.

S6 E5

A mysterious stranger arrives in Tarrant.

S6 E6

Laura and David spend the night together.

S6 E7

Gerald and Charles clash over Abby.

S6 E8

Jack and Vanessa's wedding day approaches.

S6 E9

Jack and Vanessa honeymoon on Malta.

S6 E10

Laura and Avril clash when stories are leaked to the press.

S6 E11

Charles goes overboard in his own yacht race.

S6 E12

Ken attempts to seduce Jan once more.

S6 E13

Leo comes to a decision about his son's future.