S5 E2 ∙

New. Laura rebuffs Ken's amorous advances, while Tom has trouble dealing with his break-up with Emma.

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S5 E1

Charles answers to a fraud charge.

S5 E2

Laura rebuffs Ken's amorous advances.

S5 E3

Ken buys Laura's company.

S5 E4

Polly reveals she intends to leave Gerald.

S5 E5

Leo and Orrin engage in a violent argument.

S5 E6

Tom is attacked by an intruder at the boatyard.

S5 E7

Ken and Orrin plot against Charles.

S5 E8

Leo worries Abby is having her baby for the wrong reasons.

S5 E9

James reveals the truth about his past.

S5 E10

Jan has a confrontation with Ken.

S5 E11

Charles vows revenge on Ken.

S5 E12

Charles and Gerald argue over Laura.