S3 E10 ∙

Stella Gonet stars in the costume drama set in the 1920s. The day of Jack's by-election arrives and the success of the Spring Collection attracts interest from Miles's father.

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S3 E1

Bea and Evie discover that business in London has suffered in their absence.

S3 E2

Beatrice astonishes Evie by endorsing Larry Cotter's proposal to join forces.

S3 E3

Grace and Miles introduce Evie to impoverished painter Daniel Page.

S3 E4

The birth of Tilly's baby brings great excitement to the troubled workroom.

S3 E5

Tilly's return to work is made more painful by the premature arrival of Beatrice's baby.

S3 E6

Beatrice recommends Daniel as a portrait painter to an attractive client.

S3 E7

The excitement of the venture into ready-to-wear is shattered by a chance discovery.

S3 E8

When legal action proves pointless, Bea and Evie take matters into their own hands.

S3 E9

As Evie's wedding day approaches, Daniel is silent when she suggests meeting his family.

S3 E10

The success of the Spring Collection attracts keen interest from Miles's wealthy father.