S2 E8 ∙

Louise Lombard stars in the series about two sisters running their own fashion house in the 1920s. Evie's affair with Lord Alexander Montford threatens the company.

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S2 E1

Riding on the wave of success, Beatrice and Evie receive an offer to work in Paris.

S2 E2

Evie is enjoying designing in Paris while Beatrice is contemplating expansion at home.

S2 E3

Tilly decides that she is not cut out to be head seamstress.

S2 E4

The sisters decide to change the theme of their fashion show.

S2 E5

The Eliott sisters are commissioned to design the costumes for a contemporary ballet.

S2 E6

The Eliotts are presented with a stark choice when Tilly and Madge ignore instructions.

S2 E7

The Duchess of Bridgewater's revelations are betrayed by someone in the workroom.

S2 E8

Evie's affair with Lord Alexander threatens the company's future.

S2 E9

The sisters struggle with their next collection, as the General Strike starts.

S2 E10

Evie's affair with treasury minister Alexander Montford hits the newspapers.

S2 E11

Bea and Evie come to the conclusion that they have to sell the House of Eliott.

S2 E12

The Spring Collection is launched to universal acclaim.