S5 E8 ∙

Gino is on the Aeolian islands of Salina and Panarea to discover what they contribute to the Italian kitchen and what keeps Robert De Niro coming back to the area.

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S5 E1

Gino starts his journey on the Amalfi coast and visits the village of Positano.

S5 E2

Gino sails to beautiful Capri to sample 'la dolce vita' and meet a famous photographer.

S5 E3

Gino visits some of Tuscany's hidden gems before heading to the town of Gaeta in Lazio.

S5 E4

Gino visits the island of Elba, which is famous for its honey, iron production and Napoleon Bonaparte.

S5 E5

Gino continues his journey at Paestum, which is the home of water buffalo mozzarella.

S5 E6

Gino D'Acampo continues his journey in the Bay of Naples, the region where he grew up.

S5 E7

Gino D'Acampo continues his journey in the rugged and wild region that is Calabria.

S5 E8

The Aeolian Islands of Salina and Panarea are the final destination on Gino's journey.