S2 E5 ∙ Flack ∙

Robyn reappears after her bender and Ruth has had enough. The team have a moral dilemma when their client falsely accuses a national treasure of sexual abuse to gain popularity.


Contains Strong Language and Mature Themes

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S2 E1 · Flack

Robyn gets some unexpected news which threatens to derail her very precarious recovery.

S2 E2 · Flack

The girls must protect brand Barron when Roxy's new baby is obviously not Darren's.

S2 E3 · Flack

The team stage a fight at a rally to help William Pendelton gain popularity.

S2 E4 · Flack

Danny Davis has a crisis, but everyone is busy, leaving Melody to handle the situation.

S2 E5 · Flack

The team have a moral dilemma when a client makes a false accusation against a national treasure.

S2 E6 · Flack

With Robyn clearly not coping, the team are called to contain Danny Davis.