S4 E7 ∙

Art museum director Barry Horn and his young lover Ivan Martinez lived together until Barry was murdered. Ivan admitted to the killing, claiming Barry sexually abused him.


Contains Mature Themes and Violence

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S4 E1

In May 1992, Bruce Kellogg was shot four times while sleeping.

S4 E2

Tyra Whitney brutally murdered her daughter's boyfriend LeMarcus Bell with a hammer.

S4 E3

A cheating socialite's husband turns up dead.

S4 E4

Kimberly Parker is convicted of masterminding her husband's kidnapping and murder.

S4 E5

A convoluted murder-for-hire plot involving three junkies and a callous hitman.

S4 E6

Sylvilla Humphrey shot former friend Ercell Minix in the neck.

S4 E7

Ivan Martinez was accused of stabbing his older lover

S4 E8

The story of a gruesome double murder committed by Charles Dean Hood .

S4 E9

Britney Gulley and Jeremisha Adams were responsible for violent robberies.

S4 E10

Electrician Larry Swearingen was found guilty of the murder of a college student.